Friday, March 30, 2012

CCA Reflection: Google SketchUp Plane

Leonard's plane

What did we do?
In todays CCA period, we were assigned to different groups and create RC planes on Google Sketchup. Together as a group, we managed to sketch different RC model planes.

How did I feel?
I felt frustrated as I am not very familiar with Google Sketchup. An RC plane is very complicated and to be able to draw a plane on Sketchup takes a lot of skill. Therefore we were only able to import a plane model from Google Warehouse and edit a few things from there. However my group mate, Leonard, was able to make his own version of a RC plane from scratch.

What did I learn?
In todays lesson I recapped the basic parts of a RC Plane. Through my group work I also learnt that I have to be patient with myself and that it is not possible for me to be good at everything.

Date: 30/3/12